2014 F1 Food Review

Over the past year we as a family have followed the F1 season around the world eating national dishes of the host country each race weekend. Some have been new and exciting adventures others we won't be rushing to repeat. All but one is depicted in a photo available on our Facebook wall. This is just a little review of the year's foods to recap.

One of the best bits for me was sharing a photo after each meal and finding comments from friends. It would be wonderful if others would pick up something similar and make it their own.

Paella for Spain

In the run up to each race I have made some brief research online for national dishes and recipes before selecting foods that the family might like (avoiding cheese for Sian and chillies for Heidi) and ingredients we can source in South Wales (which is quite a limitation). Though not fully authentic, a surprising number of the recipes came from our well loved Jamie or Nigella. 

In review of the meals:

Most cooking effort: Germany, but don't ask me what I made
Least cooking effort: Truly in keeping with the native culture, US - McDonalds - that said, the effort to queue for it was itself demanding!

Least hesitation from Natalya to eat: Moules frites (Belgium) - a family holiday favourite

Recipes learnt that we'll use again:
- Satay used for Singapore (an easy Nigella recipe)
- Paella (thanks to Carlos for the recipe)

Leftovers: We've still got a half packet of dry Udon noodles (Japan) if anyone can use them you're welcome to them.

Great non-food find: learner chopsticks for Heidi (they have a spring at the back end to hold them to each other so you can't drop them)

Heidi's favourite: Coconut rice - tried firstly for Bahrain and repeated for Abu Dhabi
Sian's favourite: Weiner schnitzel
My (Dave's) favourite: Duck Pancakes (inevitably it would be the duck) Paella and Risotto came close.

Picky bits for Germany

Finally, I started this as I want my daughters to learn about the rest of the world. We live in South Wales and most of our neighbours and friends here have never been further from home than a holiday in Spain, where they speak only English and eat fish and chips! I want my children to know the realities of other cultures. I would take them around the world but that has its own difficulties. For the meantime we've learnt a little through eating - and no one objected.

It has been an interesting year. What we'll do for next year I don't yet know - inspiration welcome.

Tempura and Ramen with Udon noodles for Japan


The complete list:
Australia - Burgers with pineapple and beetroot 
Malaysia - Can't remember!
Bahrain - various chicken, fish etc 
China - Duck Pancakes
Spain - Paella
Monaco - (actually French cooking) Garlic Chicken
Canada - Beef brisket
Austria - Weiner schnitzel
Britain - Roast Beef
Germany - Picky lunch with asparagus, avocardo, German salami and other things I couldn't possibly spell
Hungary - Chicken paprikas
Belgium - Moules frites
Italy - Pea risotto with chicken in a pancetta and mushrooms sauce 
Singapore - Hainanese chicken rice with various sauces
Japan - Tempura corguette, sweet potatoe and fish followed by ramen with udon noodles 
Russia - Stroganoff
United States - McDonalds Happy meals
Brazil - Linguica assada 
Abu Dhabi - Chicken Majboos


Though I am quite technically competent, I'm not into the latest internet trends so don't know how best to share this with the world - if anyone has any better recommendations please let me know.


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