Bahrain 2015

Today's Bahrain race was celebrated in our household by the fragrance of cardamom. The whole house is full of it. Fortunately, Sian is so stuffy with hay fever she can't tell.

We have sampled for the first time the Bahrani treat halwa. It's sort of sugar congealed to a jelly and flavoured spices and nuts. The recipe, though unusual to our Western pallets, had a certain appeal. The result less so.

A fair amount more demanding than previous weeks, I had to clarify butter to make gee and toast and grind cardamom seed. And since I had a fairly busy day, I got up at 6:30 to make it happen - on a Sunday - and Heidi joined later to give her 10 seconds contribution to stirring.

In the end the product is nothing too great, but at least edible. I feel it must be a reasonable difference from the genuine article - as it's not even ended up pink or opaque. We'll just have to visit to try the real thing.

But trying is what we all about (or at least I am). Roll on the European phase of the season.

Heidi's contribution to making halwa

The finished works - and Heidi's finger on Bahrain

Having spotted Heidi and I spending time together to try the halwa, Natalya wanted a piece of the action (or at least my attention)...

... she regretted it.


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