Spain 2015

Having had a break for few weeks, the race teams were this weekend in Spain and we are back to eating out sweet treats. The week I attempted to make Tocinillo de Ciello, which I think is supposed to turn out something similar to a dessert I enjoyed as a child by the name of creme caramel - a sweet cold custard topped with sugar syrup.

Essentially multiple egg yolks are mixed with sugar, then baked and cooled. The first attempt wasn't worth keeping. The second, from an alternative recipe didn't offer much improvement and didn't set overnight in the fridge. By which time I had used a total of 10 eggs and was unwilling to repeat again.

On tipping out of the mold this was the result:
The taste was delicious of sticky sweetness. Concerned over feeding the girls raw egg, I didn't give it to the others. We await to see whether my internals take offence to it. There are four more molds of this available, if anyone feels enticed to try it.

And so with a surplus of egg whites I made meringues, which were generally enjoyed.

Heidi got to enjoy hers in church this evening:

A just for completeness a photo of the girls and me from Friday evening in Cardiff Bay:


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