Austria 2015

Finally we see that Nico has got something to compete. Ferrari's impressive appearance of the last few races is dwindling. Maclaren might have well stayed at home. But we ate strudel...

The classic Austrian dessert. Apples and sugar wrapped in a thin soft to crispy pastry. A piece of this must count as one of your five-a-day; so that's taken up three of mine.

And yes, I did make the pastry myself. I found that kneading pastry dough is quite therapeutic. Which was somewhat soothing after finding I had to do it a second time.

Heidi also discovered the use of pastry for anger management.

And on completion, Sian actually ate some fruit! - We learn the key is serve her fruit with lots of sugar and ice cream on the side.

And in case you haven't seen Tally on the blog for a while, proof that we haven't disposed of her:


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