Canada 2015

I haven't seen the race yet - but you're not interested in my commentary on the inevitable Mercedes win.

For today's treats I searched high and low for Canadian desserts having forgotten that Canadians have never invented anything - so there wasn't much choosing from the one and only option. I made nanaimo bars.

They are just the sort of simple home cooking (no baking required) that you can do with your children - so I considered I was sufficiently competent to make them on my own! A digestive biscuit (because I can't buy graham crackers in Cwmbran) base, with sugary 'custard' filling (that goes gooey if out of the fridge for more than 2 minutes) and topped in chocolate. For the benefit of the palate of my British family I've upgraded the recipe to use Cadbury's Dairy Milk - an adjustment that might leave Canadians jealous.

Further, because a couple of sources claimed Canadian ownership to cinnamon swirls and they are our favourite treat at Starbucks, Heidi and I made these also. (The actual historical source of cinnamon swirls is contested but likely from either northern Germany or Sweden. Since there will not be a race in either this year, I allow Canadians to continue their claim for a little longer.)

(Sian struggled with holding the camera still, for giggling)

Finally, I must share my concern that Tally appears to be expressing a preference for Moto GP:


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