British 2015

What an amazing race! Williams must feel despondent. Ferrari delighted. British fans ecstatic.

But down to the important things... cake.

Cooking this week was not difficult, neither was sourcing ingredients, but rather the choice of what to bake was so vast, we came up with any from:
- classics like apple crumble, scones, carrot cake
- any number of tarts, particularly egg custard tart, treacle tart and Bakewell tart
- some of the currently less fashionable (only in Britain, surely, we have such a fashion sense about our desserts) such as cobbler, trifle, rice pudding or summer pudding
- cakes: battenberg, chelsea buns, eccles cakes, rock cakes and the appetising sound of lardy cake
- or plum pie (but our plum tree isn't yet ready to pick)
Welsh options were out of the question - they're barely British.

But we decided to stick to Sian's celebrated Victoria sponge.

Heidi couldn't resist making an animation.

Heidi could't stop eating strawberries for long enough to take a photo.

And the finished article

Accompanied by fish and chips in the garden


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