Italy 2015

Monza - the fastest race of the season, the greatest opportunity to see how Maclaren are 3.5 seconds behind per lap!

We are getting behind on this year's world tour, but this was a catch up.

Various people eagerly asked whether I was making tiramisu. That's either because they actually know of only one dessert from Italy or because of fond memories of getting drunk on their grandmother's rum-heavy variant at Christmas.

However, I was not confining our Vespa riding, coffee drinking friends in overly tight jeans to such stereotypes. Thankful that their plumbers can use tortoise shells to save princesses, we made a chocolate semifreddo dessert.

Eggs, sugar, chocolate and cream mixed up and frozen. Quite nice in my opinion, while the others each could leave it. Heidi even stopped eating, in favour of reading her school book (I'm not convinced she is my daughter).

So some pictures...

Less than impressed with Heidi's photography skills
Suitable blow licking material
The anticipation
Tally got some "on her harm"

For those of you who are close to breakdown, Sian is still promising to rectify my attempt at a Hungarian treat - please be patient with her.


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