Japan 2015

The earliest morning race of the season, but great fun. Hamilton back on top. Vettel showing he is best of the rest - we'll have to wait for next year's cars to see if Ferrari can reduce the gap further. The season now looks safely in Lewis' hands.

Treats, Japanese style...

Of course, being so far from our culture there are numerous delicacies that we've never tried before, for which we might struggle to find the ingredients (particularly in Cwmbran) and would be hopeless at making - before confirming that we couldn't stomach it anyways! (If you've been following the blog, you'll understand this.) So we opted instead for something that sounded convincingly edible and is apparently popular at Japanese festivals (I'd like to know if that is true).

'Choco bananas' - does exactly what it says on the tin. Banana covered in chocolate. Complemented by a stick and sprinkles.

I expected the banana centre to be like the apple in a toffee-apple; the boring but that tastes out of place and gets thrown away - but not so. The semi-sweet banana accompanies the chocolate well. A firm favourite of our new discoveries.

Tally and I up to watch the 6am start (in the dark)

Shortly joined by Heidi (still unwilling to open the curtains)

[Though the analogies may be screaming at you, they are not necessary]

Scraping the bowl - the reason for chocolate treats


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