Russia 2015

I haven't seen the race yet, so we'll skip that part...

Cake - for Russia we made Ptichye Moloko, otherwise known as 'bird's milk cake'. I bet you're now thinking, 'that sounds appetising'!

Fortunately, there was no requirement to milk any birds.

The recipe I found online from a Russian/American blogger advertised it with the description, 'your tastebuds will dance as it melt in your mouth' (and yes, that is the gramma she used), but our tastebuds are dancing more with Antony Ogogo, than the Cosack routine we led to expect.

A sponge base with souffle/marshmallow/jelly and covered in dark chocolate - what's not to like. Well... It's just I bit odd. Sian found it too sweet (it does have a total of 4 3/4 cups of sugar). Tally opted instead for Haribo and bread, but Heidi and I ate it contentedly.

Leftovers can be offloaded at the office tomorrow.

My attempt at the sponge resulted in 'pancakes' - Heidi was disappointed they weren't pancakes for breakfast.
Overfilling the mixer with italian meringue type cooking - Sian spent some time cleaning dissolving the sugar off
Sian decided to make better use of the excess (her batch) sponge cake by topping it with jam
The finished article
Enjoyed in front of Strictly


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