Abu Dhabi 2015

And so to the conclusion:

To end the year's indulgences, what better way than to host a pudding party.

Having previously made a mess of halva for the Bahrain GP, my attempt at the same for Abu Dhabi took a different course - I went and bought it. Somewhat more edible than my version. I bought a range of halva, which varied comparable in flavor from aniseed to rose and in texture from turkish delight to second-hand chewing gum. Mostly appreciated by all.
Halva - semolina style
Having failed earlier in the year in my own attempt, I finally coordinated to bring Sian to fulfill her prior agreement to make the Hungarian cake, Dobos Torte - seven layers of dense sponge and chocolate paste, topped in solid caramel. What's not to like?
The sponge layers came out not dis-similar to the rubbery pancakes I made earlier in the year -
either my cake baking is actually reasonable or Sian's is as bad a mine.

Tirion eagerly scans the table for options (under Heidi's supervision)
Steve's masterful cutting operation

To add to the array of sweet delights, we added doughnuts as a firm highlight of the rest of the year's discoveries. Others brought:

  • apple roses (Italian)
  • tiramisu (also Italian)
  • billionaires' shortbread ("Monaco inspired")
We all ate well, and some of us looked gormlessly at the camera...

And the race - you didn't care about that anyway.


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