Mexico 2015

My apologies the baking was late and then the blog entry even more so - but I wasn't making it for you anyway. I wasn't even making it for the gannets in the office.

The new Mexican circuit proved to be impressive, but the race was uneventful. I'm inclined to feel that the Mercedes team went out of their way to ensure Nico had his moment at the top, despite being the inferior driver.

And on to cake:

We made 'Tres Leches' (Three Milk Cake). A moderately heavy sponge soaked in milk, condensed milk and evaporated milk and topped with cream. Apparently it's quite popular across South America. It tasted reasonably good and since the recipe I found involved no beating of egg whites (that would be the third recipe I found), even I could make it.

The guys in the office were overjoyed. I suspect that was a combination of the anticipation from having had to wait until Friday and that it was considerably more appetising than mooncake (see Singapore entry).

Heidi sieves the flour, while Tally cuts up a cup cake case
Tally adds the the Toy Story images to her cup cakes
(since Mexico is just a peripheral to the US, this was quite appropriate)
On goes the cream
The finished article, leaking

Contented with something edible


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