Australia 2016

New season, new racers, new theme... Having eaten our way around the world with dinners, then cakes (see past blog entries) we have moved on to breakfast.

Having asked a few Australian friends of mine for inspiration, they didn't have much to offer. It would appear that Australians have a lack of originality in their breakfasts. Options include, 'Vegimite' (rebranded Marmite) and 'Wheat bix' (can't think we they got that name from).

However, we made avocado on toast, leaving out the tomatoes because only I would eat them. And to spruce it up, we added poached eggs and homemade sourdough bread.


proof, I made the sourdough
Heidi took so many photos of the finished bread that Google make it into 4 videos - I'll spare you the other 3. So we have dancing bread - any of my musical friends are welcome to put this into your music videos.

not a fan of avocado
I finished up making a flat white - it turned out rather flat - I'll stick to buying it in Coffee#1

Anyone go inspiration for Bahraini breakfast?


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