Bahrain 2016

I know you don't care about my comment on the race, so I haven't even waited until the end of the race to write this. Nonetheless the current qualifying is stupid; if you're interested, my alternative suggestion is available here: (If you're not interested, it's there all the same.)

Breakfast Bahrain style could have been the oddest food we have made (and then had to eat) to date. You might remember the catastrophe that our Bahraini sweet treat was last year. However, conscious of the girls' tastes, I was a bit selective about what to make.

We made 'potato-eggy' - and yes it does exactly what it says on the tin. Potatoes par boiled then fried in ghee with onion, spiced a little chilli, coriander and cumin, topped with fresh dill, coriander and eggs that scramble to make a glue. It'd have turmeric too if Sian hadn't cleared out our decomposing spice selection recently.

You (assuming you are British and normal) wouldn't think it a desirable breakfast, but both Sian and I had seconds. Heidi didn't like the 'green bits', but it's hard to find anything really to us to dislike it.

Accompanying that, we made marsala tea. Milk boiled with tea bags, cinnamon, cloves and sugar. In Sian's words, 'that tea is too many levels of wrong'. Odd though it was, I consider it drinkable and I'm sure if I were there I'd accept it as part of the cultural experience.

All in all, I think we could survive a breakfast in Bahrain, but we re-accustomed to Western life with gammon for lunch.

Contemplating an excuse not to try this
Tally dances to the Bahraini national anthem


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