China 2016

So it would appear in China that, similar to my experience in Sri Lanka, breakfast is just another occasion to eat the same rice and noodles that they will later also eat for lunch, dinner, breakfast tomorrow, lunch tomorrow and so on. I didn't fancy rice for breakfast so instead made Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai Steamed Soup Dumplings). I had hoped to use the phase 'we ate dim sum and dim sum more', only it isn't true.

Pork and prawn mush seasoned and wrapped in a bland dough.

The recipe I found implied this would be hard work, but reading the steps didn't seem so difficult. The result was not the delight that I had hoped for - maybe I didn't make it technically tough enough.

These tasted like over seasoned sausage meat wrapped in stodge. Despite the soggy appearance they were pretty tough - that might be that from the recipe for making 20 dumplings I managed to make only 12 and still had 2/3 of the filling mixture left over when the dough ran out. Anyone want some raw pork mush?

Thank goodness that the quantity of domestic kitchen waste collection is not limited in the Torfaen area.

Start with congealed stock
Action shot on kneading
Pre-cooking (the steamer had its annual outing from the shed - see last year's Chinese GP)
Giving it a go - with chopsticks
Resorting to plain bread
Fun with spinning our head at lunch
To keep up tradition I made another sourdough


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