Monaco 2016

A thrilling race, it's a shame I couldn't avoid being force-fed the result long before I could get the opportunity to watch it myself. But, breakfast...

Away for the weekend to celebrate my parent's silver wedding anniversary, so we shared this with my family too and it went down well.

Apparently the native population of Monaco tend to only snack early in the day, before a large leisurely lunch and a casual late evening meal - I might do this, too but unfortunately I have to go out and earn a living. Monaco is not known for breakfasts, but determined to stick to our theme for the year Sian set about finding something.

We made, la pissaladière de Monaco. What appears should be like a focaccia bread, but guided by a recipe which turned out to have at least one step missing resulted instead closer to pizza. However, most of us quite liked it and I might have found a new recipe for pizza base.

Onions/tomatoes/herb mix and bread dough -
the recipe lacked any indication of how these two parts are to be combined! 
The finished article
Congratulations Mum and Dad, 25 years a family, thank you

It might appear that someone else had a better go at this for race day:


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