Spain 2016

I'm just watching the race now - quite a mix up!

But more importantly, breakfast Spanish style... I sought suggestions from a good friend of mine who just so happens to be Spanish. His suggestion was mushed tomato on toast, with a comment that the alternative, which is churros, 'might be a bit messy' - and so I made churros.

What might at first impression appear like stick-shape doughnuts, actually somewhat more impressive. A recipe which replicates making a vast quantity of roux and then adding eggs, makes easier preparation than bread-type doughnuts. Flavoured with lime in the dough and cinnamon in the sugar coating each give this particular variant an extra something.

Though doughnuts (USA) made it into my top few cakes last year, a surprise for the books are these churros, which beat that for me. Heidi and Sian found them favourable, but Tally turned her nose up and opted for Cheerios again. Spain has certainly proven better for breakfast than desserts (see May last year).

Mixture cooling
Frying (a bit messy) and some completed
Tally had some fun with stickers on her face at lunch


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