Azerbaijan 2016

So the new Baku circuit proved to be full of excitement. A great race. But it's claim to being the 'European GP', must surely be in question.

Breakfast for Azerbaijan... the only place in the world to have patented its national breakfast! That would have been a little more convenient if that patent included details of what an Azerbaijan breakfast included - but it doesn't! Friends of mine who work in the UK patent office might question the validity of that application.

Guided by the blog written by another crazy family and their world tour of breakfast, we replicated their Azerbaijani morning meal (see The Rhubarb Fool

Since Azerbaijan is a country of jam makers, we had three (typically English flavoured) jams, a traditional Azerbaijani bread and warm hard-boiled eggs. Sian snuck in the butter, on the argument the she couldn't eat bread without it. I couldn't be bothered with making any special jam, but watermelon rind jam sounds suitably revolting.

The bread dough recipe was quite runny and since the yeast is pre-mixed to the water, it wasn't possible to reduce the water content. The result looks like a flatbread, topped with egg yolk and sesame seeds. But the family all ate it and suggested I should use that recipe again - maybe that says more about my sourdough.

Black tea is drunk without sugar. Instead, a lump of jam is held on the tongue and the tea drunk through it. In practice this appears to work with cheap Asda strawberry jam, but not with good cherry or blackcurrant jam - the tea washes out the sugar solution and you are left with a mouthful of squishy fruit.

Dough ready to bake

As served

All satisfied
Heidi trying the jam/tea combo - cherry was her preference


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