Canada 2016

I haven't seen the race yet and since the highlights won't finish until 00:45 in the morning, I'll probably fall asleep before the end tonight.

Finding something to represent Canadian breakfast was not going to be easy. After all, they're almost Americans, except they pretend to be European. So we here credit Canada with a breakfast that is at best only 1/4 from their country.

We had waffles, bacon and scrambled eggs, dressed in maple syrup. Heidi is confident that she doesn't like maple syrup and Natalya wouldn't try it, leaving only me to have any.

I think we have now exhausted all Canadian invented foods - we'll have to make a new theme for next year.


All ready

Full of enthusiasm, until...
...offered maple syrup
Making sourdough continues, a bit dense today, but not as crusty as it looks


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