Austria 2016

A thrilling race. Button delivers. Red bull team wearing fireproof lederhosen. Lewis drives perfect. Nico shows he's not such a nice guy. All set for Lewis to take the championship lead at Silverstone.

And breakfast...

Put simply - bread rolls, ham, eggs and cheese.

We made semmel rolls, which are similar to most white bread recipes except the inclusion of egg and butter. Of the few varying recipes I found none of them could tell me how to make the signature five folded star-like top surface - maybe no one can actually do it - so I put in some little cuts that mostly disappeared.

Our girls tucked into it all. Apologies to anyone overcome by the lingering garlic sausage at church this morning!

Dough recipe rises too much for this bowl
All served
Heidi packs into a roll as much as she can...
... and Tally presents her favourite - Port Salut (French we know)


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