Britain 2016

I haven't seen the race yet and while 4OD plays up, I'm having to console myself with goal-less football.

But breakfast had to be, the full English! Sausage, bacon, fried eggs, tomato, mushroom and toast, all washed down with homely tea. We missed the beans because Sian had decided to store them somewhere other than where all the tins go. And the hash browns slipped my mind and stayed in the freezer.

The bread was another of my farmhouse loaf. This time, left to prove over-long, but it turned out to be a good thing and ended up with the intended 'football shirt shapes'.

As it's not just an English GP we added kippers for the Scots and pork-leek-and-cheese sausages for the Welsh.

Tally spent quite a while buttering her toast, before deciding she'd had enough of that and didn't want to actually eat it.

On my last mouthful, I remembered the brown sauce, so had to follow with an extra rasher of bacon.

All satisfied, four full English people set off for the day.
Football shirt shapes
Trying to avoid the camera
Tea all round (Tally's might have tasted like squash)
No leftovers....
...except my evening snack.
The saucy eyes


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