Hungary 2016

Hungary? You might be by the time you finish reading.

For the last three years, we've been away in France for our summer holiday when the Hungarian GP has been held, and which have been some of the best races of the season. I even contemplated taking our holiday this year in Budapest so that we could attend, but determined that it wouldn't have been everyone's cup of tea. (Though we would have been able to ascertain the authenticity of the breakfast.) Instead we'll watch at home and take our holiday in a few weeks time during the F1 summer break. 

This year the race wasn't as good and the predictable two came first and second. But the race rules have really got to allow radio communication. 

Researching for this week's breakfast returned results similar to that which we had a few weeks ago for Austria - we all knew that those Bavarian states kinda merge into each other anyway. So we emphasised those details which might be a little unique to Hungary.

Bread, cold meats and cheese assembled into open sandwiches. I made a Hungarian bread similar to brioche, which probably isn't supposed to be eaten with savory meat and cheese - but that doesn't stop our girls. We read that french toast (eggy bread) is popular, so did that with some of the bread - anything with eggs is firm favourite with our girls. The sweet bread base is good for eggy bread, but I would have preferred it with crispy bacon and maple syrup.

Sian read somewhere that it's typical to have tomatoes and peppers with breakfast. We had no idea whether they should be fresh/dried/cooked/etc. Only I appreciate tomatoes so we left those out and served just cold fingers of pepper. I didn't fit, but nothing stops Tally from eating veg.

Apparently the most popular cheese in Hungary is a smooth sweet option copied from French monks of Port Salut! We can only source in Sainsbury's the French brand version and it's Tally's top choice.

Ox tongue is one of the listed cold meats. Neither Sian or I favour it, but thanks to a certain grandparent, our girls were introduced to it sometime ago and were led to believe it is acceptable to eat.

Despite the anomalies, a good competitor for best breakfast of the year.

Into the oven
and back out.
A big spread - the girls and I got carried away with the deli counter in Sainsbury's
Tucking in
Can't stop eating for a photo, instead I'll wave cheese at you
This is the table at the end of breakfast - there was so much left but we just couldn't force in any more


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