Germany 2016

A welcome race back on the calendar. Nice to see the Red Bulls fighting at the front - we just need a little more from that Renault engine in 2017 for a fun season.

After having Bavarian breakfasts for two of the last three races, despite our girls loving it, a third of the same within one month was not going to achieve the objective of new discoveries. Instead, we ventured to northern Germany, to Hamburg, and made Franzbrötchen.

These are Hamburg's attempt at making croissants. At which the Germans thought, 'why bother beating butter when you can cut it thinly?' and, 'why repeatedly fold and chill it for days, two folds will do' - German efficiency!

And then rather than presenting 'air wrapped in pastry' (The Darling Buds of May), they fill it with sugar and cinnamon.

They are supposed to be baked like upstanding slices of Swiss roll encouraged to spill outwards in both directions. Mine generally fell over and turned themselves into cinnamon swirls.

Loved by Heidi and me - and the leftovers went down well in the office.

Folding in the butter

Rolling it out

Singing to it (there is a piece of dough in her hands)
Ready to bake
The finished flop
Heidi scoffs two in quick succession
Tally opts for Cherios, while watching the yellow cars


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