Italy 2016

Despite my predictions, an interesting race. The end result doesn't do it justice, the means of getting to a fairly expectable score sheet was not a straight dash from the start line.

Very disappointed to hear of Jenson's retirement (or maybe not exactly a retirement). It was nice to see him overtake Alonso.

But breakfast...

Having become bored of the continental breakfast, I took a different approach for Italy and made a Christmas cake - panettone.

A little surprising to me, the recipe is essentially a sponge cake, but with yeast as the rising agent.

A firm favourite for Heidi and me and we had no objection to eating it for breakfast. Natalya declared that she would have only the raisins and then expressed her disappointment when she would have to pick the raisins out herself.
The sloppiest bread dough ever
Watching the qualifying
The make-shift panettone tin (a real one is 18 inch diameter by 18 inch high)

The finished article
Trying it and finding lemon peel
At the end of breakfast


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