Singapore 2016

One of the potentially more exciting races in the calendar. Darkness, corners, crashes and (for a change) the uncertainty of the winning team. Unfortunately, the delay in 4OD means I haven't yet been able to see the race.

Having left the cycles of continental breakfasts we at last make it to something different.

Kaya toast. Described as coconut jam, it was promising. Heidi loves coconut (particularly in rice) and we are all partial to a good jam.

Rather than making a mess of it and then having no idea whether it was right or whether it was actually supposed to taste that bad, I bought some instead. We bought two varieties from an online retailer, who will inevitably believe I am now a Singaporean/Malay expat in south Wales, the parcel of which was eagerly opened by Heidi and Natalya only to be disappointed by the contents but find their contentment in the bubble rap.

We served the kaya with white square toast, crusts removed and butter (they say this is how it comes in Singaporean coffee shops). On the side as advised by someone else's blog we had eggs, seasoned with white pepper and dark soy - not too bad if you like an eastern savoury snack. The two items don't however go together, but neither offended my tongue. Except that was for the kaya jam flavoured with pandan - we should have learnt from Malaysia 2015 - no one else even dared to try the jar of snot.

Heidi made herself egg on toast, Natalya had the egg yolk and Cheerios (I feel I might has written that sentence in a previous entry). Maybe we're safer with the continental breakfasts.

On a brighter note, for lunch I made a satay sauce and coconut rice - a welcome relic of Singapore races gone by.

In preparation
Orange gunge and snot shipped all the way from Malaysia
Straining to watch the qualifying
The 'saucy eyes' having eaten only the yolk


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