Japan 2016

A fun race. Either Lewis or Nico should start badly in every race.

For Japanese breakfast we made tamagoyaki.

A slightly sweet spinach omelette rolled up. Easy to make, which was convenient since I had a 9:30 music practice to get to.

Fresh from the pan

The technique is supposed to involve multiple very thin layers of the mixture sequentially poured into a square pan and the previous layers rolled laid over the top. I didn't have a square pan. You have to keep rolling up the previous layers and rolling them back out. Unfortunately, to cover the surface of the pan took half the mixture and then the first layer refused to unroll. I think I cooked it too quickly because it wasn't supposed to brown. We don't really know how accurate a representation this resulted.

Most of us found it adequately appetising. Only Tally ( "no, it's Natalya" ) turned her nose up at it - which is unusual for anything egg based.
For good measure we need a picture of the girls. This was on receipt of their new aprons from Sunday Girl.


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