Mexico 2016

For once I write before the race has happened (it's just starting and looking to to be a good one).

Mexico is a country that excites Heidi. I'm not entirely sure why, but I think it stems to her friend Daisy having travelled there some years ago.

Work in progress
For breakfast maybe we should consider this more 'Mexican inspired' than truly Mexican. We made Quesadillas with ham, eggs and cheese.

None of those ingredients should cause any objections with the girls, though Natalya was just in the mood for complaining. Heidi considers it a possible competitor for favourite of the season.

Eating in progress
I ate mine with the recommended salsa and sour cream, but since no one else particularly like those, I was on my own. I personally, consider they made the meal turn from mundane to Mexican and moorish.

We continued the 'Mexican inspired' theme for the day with lunch at Chiquito. I feel the authenticity went downhill.
Natalya playing at objecting to another of Daddy's forced breakfasts and avoiding the camera
In disguise, practically inconspicuous


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