USA 2016

There are probably many more genuinely authentic options we could have taken for breakfast from the States, but still conscious of the kuih lapis I made my parents eat (see blog entry March 2015) previously, I chose to stick with something that would satisfy everyone:
Natalya expressing her irritation at having to wait for breakfast and Heidi's photography


The choices
and with all the options for topping and garnish: strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, banana, walnuts, pineapple, granola, chocolate drops, maple syrup, fake maple syrup (more USA authentic), golden syrup, Philadelphia (I had forgotten how much I like Philly) and crispy streaky bacon. Served with fruit juices and coffee.

Making pancakes was relatively easy and not so unusual to me - only to a different recipe. Of course my mother determined that I wasn't cooking them correctly and stepped in to take over - before burning them.

Even Dad ate breakfast, which is not his norm. Everyone had their fill and were suitably satisfied.

I couldn't help but over fill my plate, twice - fitting for our American tribute.

The previous day we had made sure the girls respected their monarchist British background -
by visiting Buckingham Palace

[For more entertainment check out my Facebook page for the video of Omi playing chubby bunnies with the largest American marshmallows - a score of 2!]


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