Review 2016 - The year of the breakfast

The year has come to the end, and Nico has shown he can perform at least nearly with the best. There could be any number of conspiracies proposed, that Merc coordinated Lewis' hindrances to give Nico a chance and allow him to retire on a high rather than having several years overshadowed (just a thought!).

But let's review the important things - our breakfast world tour.

This year we have learnt:

  • specific foods developed for eating first thing in the morning (i.e. breakfast) are a Western idea; many countries just eat the same foods at any time of day.
  • the 'continental breakfast' is pretty much the stable breakfast across the continent  - who'd have thought?!
  • as a colleague of mine pointed out - "I bet you look forward to the British GP"
  • there is a limit to how many varieties of bread Sian is willing to eat
  • eggs appear for breakfast everywhere - Natalya was never to be disappointed
  • Channel 4 can deliver good TV coverage, if Steve Jones sticks to the script.
  • reading about my breakfast doesn't bring joy to the office like leftover cakes

Our annual awards go to:

Dave's favourite: USA pancakes
Sian's favourite: I don't think my breakfast cooking has ever delighted Sian, but at least she had no complaints about the British.
Heidi's favourite: Austria - having been allowed to stand at the cooked meat counter in Sainsbury's and choose whatever she wanted!
Natalya's favourite: Port Salut (French cheese) at any race, but let's allocate that to Hungary
Furthest from our British normality: Malaysian - rice, peanuts, fish and chilli sauce
Least enjoyable: China - pork and prawn
Odd feature: Azerbaijan - tea with jam in it (and calling the race 'European'!)


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