Bahrain 2017

From an island state of desert climate, which produces only oil, dates and public discontent, we didn't have a lot of choice as to how we might celebrate the Bahrain race in a fruit.

I predicted that dates wouldn't be to the girls' liking, as much because of the sticky fingers they ensue as anything to do with the flavour or texture, so the key was finding something to cook them in which was appealing. And boy did we find it!

I found a recipe for date and banana cake with caramel icing, but Heidi turned her nose up at, wait for it, caramel! So she instead went on a little internet hunt for an alternative and we came to rest on a sticky toffee pudding. How could I refuse.

But Heidi then went out shopping with Sian for the afternoon, leaving Tally and I to slave over the pudding for her!

We had lots of fun.

But best of all we successfully made sticky toffee pudding. Heidi and I rank this one very highly - probably the top of all the F1 foods over the past 3-and-a-bit years. If you want to try it for yourselves (and I suggest you do) find it here: Heidi couldn't wait long enough for me to serve her a second portion, instead eating the remnant half of Tally's.

As expected, when I then had the girls try dates of two varieties in their as-bought condition neither liked them and mostly because of the stickiness. Not to worry.

Soaking the dates

The instinct to dance is just too great to concentrate on sifting the flour:

Two sticky toffee puddings. The second one has been frozen - I'll take bids for it.

Served with ice cream

One satisfied customer
The master baker


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