Russia 2017


I could think of no fruits for which Russia was known. Of course Google can suggest a range of options for fruits grown in Russia, but who wants to trust Google? A few of my friends chipped in with viable Russian fruits:

  • vodka
  • cabbage
  • imported watermelon
  • (my personal favourite) the fruit of deception and a questionable foreign policy
  • more vodka
(Votes for berries, BEARies, grapes, pears and apples were all discounted on the very scientific basis, that I didn't fancy considering them to be more Russian than elsewhere. Pickled apples conjured some confusion.) On the basis that I had two credible votes for vodka, we took that - in raw form - potatoes.

mostly fried
I found a Russian summer recipe for potatoes and wild mushrooms. Finding suitably wild mushrooms in Sainsbury's and adding bacon (because the meal would otherwise have been vegetarian) we enjoyed this fruit for lunch.

bowls emptying


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