Monaco 2017

Apologies for the late post, I hope you've been able to hold yourselves together while you wait desperately for this...

The Principality of Monaco is not a significant producer of any fruit. Where trade consists of a casino and tax-free banking, in a state with more millionaires than any other country in the world, there just isn't a need for a minimum-wage apple farmers.

So we thought outside the box.

Perhaps the most frequent consumption of fruit in Monaco is in the form of Champagne. It just so happened that we still had two bottles left of a rather special variety that we bought at the producer on our holiday nearly two years ago.

So I forced our girls to drink a few glasses each (joke - please don't report me to Child Protection). No actually I kept it to myself.

Instead I bought grapes for the girls. They've both liked grapes for a long time. Heidi prefers white grapes and Natalya chooses red. Unfortunately, neither the girls nor my mother realised the grapes were for celebrating the Monaco race and instead went ahead and ate them with lunch on Saturday. I didn't even get a photo.

Short of having a photo of the girls eating grapes, here are a selection from our trip earlier in the week.
Stock image of grapes - just in case you didn't know what they looked like.


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