Azerbaijan 2017

What a race! Crashes. Safety cars. Yellow flags, blue flags, reg flag, green flag, checkered flag. Surprises, disappointments, joys and unpredictables. And someone finally looked on a map a dropped the name 'European GP'. Anyone coming to Baku with me for next year?

But for now, we participate in fruit.

Azerbaijan appears to be a hive for fruit growing. Apparently it is home to 9 of the world's 11 climate forms. There were quite a few for us to choose from, but the national fruit is pomegranate. Knowing already that Heidi and I like pomegranate made it an easy choice.

Ready to chill
Surprisingly, we found more recipes to use pomegranate in savoury stews than desserts or cakes. But Heidi chose a cheesecake option.

Tally mixed
Heidi was spied on

Reminiscent of Heidi's dancing bread last year,
Tally took enough photos that Google decided to animate the cheescake.
Note to self: 3 pomegranate is excessive for a topping on one cheesecake
Squashing to release the seeds was hard work
The finished article, mostly appreciated by all.


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