Austria 2017

Nice to see a mixture of 3 teams with three different engines on the podium. 

So it turns out the national fruit of Austria is apples. Well, someone's got to be left with the boring fruit. And of course the obvious use of apples is to make strudel.

But we did that previously - Strudel-goodness

So apparently cherries are also popular in Austria and since Heidi has recently found a fondness for cherries, we went down that route.

I was keen on making a combined apple and cherry strudel, but it didn't appeal to Heidi - mostly because the first picture she saw of strudel included sultanas. She was having nothing of my persuasion. (How will I ever win her over as a teenager?! And I can only imagine Natalya to be worse when the time comes.)

So instead we made a cherry cinnamon cake.

Natalya even tried the cherries and liked them.

Having pitted the cherries, I managed to catch a grumpy Tally walking past
But there was much contentment when she was in charge of placing cherries
Finished - The office crowd can fight over the leftovers on Monday.


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