Britain 2017

And so to home.

The British race each year gives us cause to think of what our equivalent stereotypical food is. Over the past few years we have celebrated with roast beef, victoria sponge and a 'full English' (see past blog entries). A colleague of mine suggested that, despite our adventures of eating food from around the world, we probably actually look forward mostly to the taste of the British GP. He was quite right.

And so to our British fruit. With Wimbledon men's final and the GP on the same day, it could only be... strawberries.

While some of you might believe that strawberries grow on the same plant that also grows little plastic pots of cream. Let me inform you, that this is not so. But Heidi gave me no permission to seek out a recipe for somehow using strawberries and instead she just insisted on jam tarts.

A few strawberries were left to make it into the jam
Heidi's rolling pin dance, influenced by break dancing and beating things with a heavy piece of wood

Ready to bake
The photo seems to show evidence that Heidi fell asleep while serving the tarts
An opportunity to make my little sister look silly, couldn't be missed


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