Hungary 2017

The race that we contemplated going to see. (Other than Silverstone.) We could have relived our honeymoon in Budapest. Perhaps a good choice not to have gone - Sian couldn't cope with the heat, Ricciardo was bumped out on lap 1 and we have fairy cakes to eat in the kitchen. That helps because my baking was less than perfect this week. And yes I did seriously tot up the costs and scheme a means of palming off the girls.

So, the girls spent a few days at the in-laws and I was left to determine fruit selection and what to make with that, by myself.

Indications suggest that the un-official national fruit of Hungary is apples, as too it is for Germany and Austria, officially also for Belgium and we might assume that the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Romania and various others also want a stake in the apple action. So I didn't pick apples - I need to save them for Spa.

Cherries were taken a few weeks ago.

My signature mess, and not child to blame it on
Instead I settled for represent Hungary and found a recipe for sugar plum marshmallows. All still sounds delightful, I'm sure - and you'd be right.

Mush down plums with sugar. Dissolve more sugar. Fluff some egg whites. Mix together. Easy.

The bowl licking was the best to date.

But the end result looked a bit like a portion of flesh a few days old. The taste was better than the appearance.

Though I took the left overs to the office,  I only forced it upon Andy. It was somewhat less appealing when he dropped his piece and it stuck to the arm of his chair. Since some people in the office have the opinion that I can bake (if they can get over the presumption that it must have been my wife's baking), I chose not to subject others to trying it.

And the moral of the story is - a) if the bowl is good to lick, don't leave it to set and b) it wouldn't have been this way if we spent the weekend in Budapest.

We'll eat the fairy cakes that the girls brought home from the in-laws instead.

Great spoon licking
Bite-size portions of warm sticky flesh, dusted in icing sugar


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