Belgium 2017

A late entry, we've been on holiday in Cornwall, but we did bake on the race day...

Having found that multiple European countries consider apples to be theirs, we have allocated them to Belgium who actually claim it to be their national fruit.

We have apples at home most of the time, but neither of the girls consider that they actually like apples. I can only assume that Sian (my wife) uses them to delay the demands of food from our otherwise starved children (in the 3 hours between meal times), thereby abating the 'hangry' monsters.

Heidi searched for something to bake and came to rest on an apple pie - a strange conclusion for someone who doesn't generally like pastry. Conscious that we were to travel the following morning, I convinced her to accept making individual pies that could be frozen, rather than finding I have  7 1/2 slices to eat myself (of 8) within 12 hours (I couldn't let it go to waste, you see).

Heidi got stuck in on the baking and of course Natalya couldn't let there be fun without her participation.

Apples have the benefit (for Heidi) of going well with cinnamon, so we went with a recipe to that effect and made shortcrust pastry for the muffin-size pies.

The results were reasonably tasty and JV was the lucky guest at the point that I found there were too many to fit into a freezer box, so he went home with the remaining few.

Pie filling fun

Still full from pie eating to previous day, the drive to Newquay was time to sleep it off.
I suggested a game of throwing in the Maltesers.


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