Mexico 2017

We're set for a great race. Seb or Max could win. Ocon pulled out a great quali. And the title is most probably going to be decided by the end of the day.

Mexican fruit includes a wide range of items that weren't available in Sainsbury's yesterday afternoon, so we opted for one that we had tried before, but at least it was on the shelf - avocado.

Unfortunately, avocado don't lend themselves to cakes, except in a few really odd recipes (I guess like we all used to think of carrot cake!). So I made lunch with a breakfast combination. Toast, eggs and smoked salmon.

Everyone liked the eggs (even though I couldn't be bothered to poach them). Smoked salmon is a common favourite in our house. Nobody complains about toast. But avocado didn't suit Heidi's taste. Sian determined that large slices weren't they way she liked it and Natalya required me to lick her fork to take the flavour away! I don't mind it.

So after the half that I ate with lunch, I had the other half that no one else ate and Natalya and I made guacamole. With no reason to keep it, I gobbled it down. I was a little heavy handed on the chilli.

Not impressed
Smug, having mastered the stirring
Guacamole; might as well just eat it strait up #heatburn


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