USA 2017

As the season nears conclusion we reach "America" or, to correct this misunderstanding of people on the other side of the pond, 'The United States of America, home of cowboys and Yanks who spend they days eating Macdonald's and shooting each other'.

From my time spent living there, I remember cranberries and cranberry juice being more popular than it was back home. And so Heidi was tasked with finding a recipe to use cranberries. Inevitably, she chose the closest thing to a cinnamon swirl she could find... Chelsea buns. Since the recipe is bread rolled up, I had no objections.

Though it wasn't anything new for us to try, Heidi and I loved them all the same.

As we've been away from Wales for the weekend, we actually made the buns last weekend. The following day I was out of the office for work so Kelvin, who was the only colleague with me, was the only guy lucky enough to try one.

Heidi controlling the mixer
And getting her hands in 
Having eaten half the fruit, some was added to the bun mixture
Tally joined to mix the icing, enthusiastically
Heidi couldn't want long enough for a photo before eating


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