Brazil 2017

Research for this week's fruit was made easy. Our Sainsbury's store has a beautiful range of melons each proudly displaying a label of origin, all readying 'Brazil'. I have no idea whether people in Brazil eat melon, but we'll presume so.

Any normal human being might select one such variant of melon. We had them all.

I was not inspired to bake with melons, so Heidi and I ate them as they came.

1. Honeydew - a delicate with no cause for dislike.
2. Galia - Heidi proclaimed, "Smells like nail polish". Though the flavour is similar to honeydew, the fragrance was overriding and put us off a little.
3. Cantaloupe - My favourite, as it was the furthest flavour from water.
4. Watermelon - Heidi's long established favourite fruit (though mango established a new favourite when we ate for Australia at the start of the season)

School lunch boxes will be full of this for weeks to come.

While I wait for Heidi to finish her school reading
Enjoying Honeydew

While she determined the Galia smell was nail polish
Cantaloupe goodness

Munching into Watermelon

And shaking the watermelon juice from her sleeve (as you do)


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