Review 2017 - The year of the fruit

And so we come to the end of another season tasting our way around the world (according to F1).

This year's theme was a rather last minute decision, but fruit seemed to be a suitable continuation from previous years and lacking in other choices, we took it. If you are unfamiliar with our race tour around the world check out previous years here: 20162015 or 2014.

We have tasted a few new flavours, reaffirmed some old favourites and verified some dislikes. We probably haven't done much to encourage Tally to try new things as she mostly disliked anything that wasn't transformed into cake and even then, she would opt for the ice cream accompaniment instead.

So this year we have discovered:

  • Fresh fruits can be considerably harder to import than previous food themes. Which also explains why there are so many fruits from warmer climates that we have never heard of in the UK.
  • Despite our girls being apparently keen on fruit, that is not true for fruit from across the world.
  • Bury Park in Luton is a hive for finding stuff
The fruit that didn't get a blog - for Singapore we ate Asian pears and custard apples, albeit late

So to conclude, this year's awards go to:

Dave's favourite: Custard apples were a very pleasant surprise (Singapore)
Sian's favourite: Not a chance that Sian would try any fruit
Heidi's favourite: Mango (Australia - unfortunately, the season only went downhill from there onwards) and Sticky toffee pudding (Bahrain and Abu Dhabi - it happens to include dates in the recipe)
Natalya's favourite: Blueberries, but better fresh than baked (Canada)
Everyone's worst: Nothing really stands out as exceptionally bad to everyone, though we each have out distastes, nothing was that offensive
Most Expensive: My first attempt at sourcing mangosteen cost £23.98, fortunately they didn't arrive and I had a refund (Singapore attempt no1)

Looking forward to a new theme for next year. Any inspirations welcome.


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