Australia 2018

And we're off... prepare for a season of sugary cakeyness as we follow the F1 season around the world once again delightfully tasting the wares of each host nation. We will venture into the unknown of cakes from far afield and inevitably rediscover old favourites. If past seasons are anything to guide us, we'll remember that being British we love our own food, but there'll be something different that we never expected to take our delight along the trip. Come and join us.

We start with Australia, the land of upside down cakes and that 70's dessert which inadvertently actually has it's upside pointing north (if you make it in Australia). When we last ventured to Australian cakes, we made lamingtons, but it appears there is little else of cake nature with Ausy origin, so we opted instead for the acclaimed Australian dessert, pavlova. (We won't make any suggestion that its origins are actually Kiwi or Russian.) (We are also influenced by the excess of cakes this weekend with Natalya's birthday, her school birthday celebration and her party each demanding specific cake themes.)

With Sian's family visiting for the birthday, we all took pleasure in celebrating the Australian GP in pavlovian delight. But being a fussy family there is collectively objections to meringue, cream, mango, strawberries and raspberries - hence I allowed them all to build their own resulting in individual interpretations of this traditional dessert.

The whiskey glas was used to draw the circles for templates, and to hold the whiskey 
A variety of the results, from the selective to the greedy


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