Azerbaijan 2018

What a race. Very disappointing for Valtteri. Great for Checo and Charles. Baku has become a disturbingly abnormal race - Liberty should put it back to back with Hungary just before the summer break to mix up the mid-season.

And so to cake...

Or actually pastries...

We made sherkerbura. Bland pastry cases holding sugary almond stuff.

The recipe added flavour to the filling by half a teaspoon of ground cardamom. But Sainsbury's doesn't sell cardamom ground. So we toasted the whole cardamom pods making the fragrance fill the house. We bashed with a rolling pin to shell the pods (Sian's pestle and mortar, which I loving bought her from Habitat some years ago, now resides in a box in the attic). We plucked the fine seeds from the debris. And we crushed the seeds to make ground cardamom - almost half a teaspoon of.

Our house now smells of cardamom - six hours later - despite having since cooked coffee cake and bacon rolls. Cardamom adds no flavour to sherkerbura.

However, the sugary almond filling is quite nice warm from the oven. I could perceive that in Azerbaijan and made properly, these could be quite pleasant.

The sum total of one hour's work, expressed in ground cardamom

Mixing it up

Like mini-pasties

Sill like mini-pasties

Heidi couldn't stop eating for long enough to answer whether she liked it or not, but a thumb-up was given to imply

We had our own GP earlier in the weekend

Liberty might have done away with grid girls, but we haven't.


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