Monaco 2018

A dull race, but a worthy winner. Cake was more fun...

Firstly, our apologies that this is late, I trust no one died from waiting for this.

Being such a small country we can permit Monaco to have only one uniquely owned national treasured cake (which we made previously, if you want to look back). So you might consider this cake to be French, rather than Monegasque, however I hear this variant is Prince Albert's favourite dessert, so to me that's good enough.

We made Fraise Millefeuille. Layers of puff pastry, creme pat, icing and strawberries make a contrast of textures and sweetness which is rather pleasant.

The only recipe I could find (replicated on two websites, but nether giving credit to the other!) was very much American. Measurements in cups - how on earth do you measure cold butter in a 1/3 cup? Essentially, I made creme patisserie with a recipe which seemed genuine, followed by a 'frosting' (replicating that nasty Betty Crocker greasy frosting stuff) - but which I know the genuine millefeuille has a topping more akin to basic glace icing.

Heidi and I quite liked it. Heidi would have happily emptied the vast surplus (another Americanism) in both the frosting and creme pat bowls. Tally picked out the strawberry pieces and Sian left hers after the first mouthful of pastry (which might just have been beyond its best).

Creme patisserie 

Frosting in excess

Not posing (honest)

Not the most elegant (nor is the assembled cake)

Excitable anticipation, while Daddy continues to take photos


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