Spain 2018

This week we celebrate the Spanish GP. Not the Catalan GP, thanks to a controversial referendum late last year. But we are helping to promote unity and remind those Catalonian residents that they would be disowning the cake delights of other Spanish regions if they left.

We made miguelitos. Small pastry treats which originate from south-eastern Spain.

Natalya decided not to join us in the baking today. She spent her Sunday afternoon making a hanging picture for her friend who is suffering from chickenpox.

All the recipes I found started with '1 pack of puff pastry' or even 'defrost 1 pack of puff pastry'. Well, that's just not enough of a challenge to me. I had to make the pastry myself.

We attempted to make three versions. But our abilities with cooking eggs for Spanish recipes let us down again (see here). This lemon, vanilla and cinnamon custard tasted great, but split.

We were left with the chocolate filled variety and the sweetened (!) honey covered version. (These Spanish are crazy to think that a honey coating needs to be sweetened with equal quantity of sugar and then dusted in icing sugar.)

Heidi and I both think they are delightful. I suspect our dentist doesn't.

Proof, I did it
Cutting her style
Painting the squares
Custard filling before and after the failure

Long awaited, feeling sleepy


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