Canada 2018

The race that pretends to be European...

We have fond memories of the nanaimo bars we made on a previous year but recollect that there was little choice for anything that originated in Canada - that home of other Americans. In the time since then it would appear that the internet has reached Canada and they have filled it with maple syrup.

It's no surprise that we found a maple syrup cake recipe and Heidi chose one in a bundt tin.

The recipe consists of a typical dense sponge with maple syrup mixed in, then drenched after baking with maple syrup and finally glazed in maple syrup icing.

I feel the recipe creator lacked any alternative inspiration. Like most Canadians there was nothing else in the cupboard.

But the cake tastes delicious. Heidi and I like it. Tally likes the icing - and proceeded to eat my icing in exchange for her cake.

If you find yourself with time on your hands, a longing to use a bundt tin and a cupboard full of maple syrup, then look up recipes in Canadian Living Magazine. The choice is endless. Canadians must do nothing else.

If alternatively, you'll just like to try ours - come and visit Sian in the next two days.

Persuaded to help me bake for the promise of getting her bike out
The cake with the most rising agents ever - 1/2 tsp bicarb soda, 2tsp baking powder and whisked egg whites
And check out Sian's new kitchen friends


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