Russia 2018

Firstly, you've probably been thinking that we must have fallen off the face of the earth. We have missed the baking for most of the summer, having been occupied with building a kitchen, holidays and work. But we're back...

This week we hosted in the office a Macmillan Coffee Morning. So I baked a Russian Honey Cake. 

8 layers of barely risen sponge are sweetened with honey and pasted together with sour cream. Apparently invented to make expensive honey enjoyable for a fussy queen of Russia.

It's not what we normally think of as cake, but most people in the office had no objections - but then they don't ever complain about cake.

Heidi on the other hand tried a piece and exclaimed in disgust, 'what is this sauce?' 
Not everyone likes gone off milk on their cake.

Acceptable to most, even if it's abnormal. Russian cakes are evidently more favourable internationally than their politics.

Honey slop

Baking complete - the whiskey is not for the cake, rather to sooth the baker

Served, complete with Russian doll cake toppers


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