USA 2018

America - the land of the excess. And in our case the excess sugar. It's always fun to see the Redbull driver costumes and Vettel taking a spin, but more importantly we have picked up our tour of cake once again.

We made a very traditional USA cake - Tunnel of Fudge. So traditionally American is it that the very original recipe involved a packet mix.The original recipe came second a 1966 Bake-off by a Texan contestant and apparently for this recipe alone the Bundt tin was first created (as a lighter version of an German alternative tin).

But the packet mix has long since been discontinued by the makers and so I had to be more British and make it from scratch. You wouldn't believe how much sugar went into it. I halved the amount of cocoa powder that the recipe stated because it would have become bitter and then forgot to add the nuts (to the delight of some people).

The sticky, partially baked chocolate slop was loved by all. We served it after the evening service at our church and I didn't even get long enough to take a photo of the finished article.

Heidi takes control, until the sieve became too heavy for her
(you would't guess this to be the child that swims a mile each week)
The age old problem of how to lick the chocolate cake mix from one's elbow

Before baking...
...and after.

Martyn took his with a Jaffa cake
Gone - all except the double portion that Caz devoured (I think she even licked the plate clean)


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