Italy 2020

If you were thinking that this week you might take our inspiration and follow this recipe, beware of the carrot butter mush!

We took an Italian recipe and murdered it. This is Torta di Carote dei Cugini. Literally: Pie of Carrots of Cousins - sounds delicious!

Firstly, Tally has tonsilitis and because she has had a fever with that, we are forced to self-isolate until we receive results from her covid test, which would then allow us to venture out and buy some ingredients. In the meantime, the boredom is quenched by the opportunity to bake. And what better reason that a Grand Prix (and what a race!). Only, we are limited by the kitchen cupboard contents.

Basically, it's a sponge cake loaded with carrot flavoured with lemon.

Unlike American carrot cakes, the carrot is not only grated but further obliterated by liquidising it with butter. Don't be deceived. this is unpleasant.

Apparently, this is not a traditional Italian recipe, but a recent creation by an Italian internet blogger. Hat's off to her. She gave pictures of something which looked edible.

As ever we failed to create the light fluffy aerated eggs. Potentially bashing it with carrot and butter mixture followed by flour didn't help. I'd like to blame Heidi for having done that, but we all know my previous attempts were no better. (See every previous blog entry this year.) 

Our modification is to make do with the ingredients we had. There's no orange zest in ours, rather replaced with a little lemon juice form the back of the fridge. Rather than a classy Italian ricotta topping or even an American cream cheese frosting, we elegantly dressed in icing - aptly coloured orange and finished with blue sprinkles.

Actually, the cake tasted alright. A little too dense for some people's liking. We couldn't really tell there was any carrot in it.

Add carrot slop to liquidizer and hope for the best 

Cheesy pose

Disappointingly un-risen

Proof that there are no sprinkles being eaten during the application

Eat without pausing for a photo

I could write out the recipe in full for you all to follow, but maybe an abbreviated version is sufficient...

Roughly what the recipe states, subject to the limitations of whatever is in the store cupboards. 

Make carrot slush
Mix it into ao otherwise fairly normal sponge mixture
Decorate in orange


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