Portugal 2020

What a track! Long corners, short hairpin, hill climbs and a long straight. Looks like the 'Ham Sandwich' could break another record.

But more importantly, cake...

Having been disappointed with the outcomes from a few recently, this was much better. Introducing Tally's torta de laranja e chocolate.

An orange flavour swiss roll filled with our favourite chocolatey goodness. No complaints here, though the execution was imperfect.

A sponge recipe which includes margarine (unlike a British swiss roll) and risen with both baking powder and beaten egg whites (inevitably not going to rise). Flavoured with the zest and juice of one orange, I felt it could do with a little more, but Tally didn't.

The chocolate filling is now our staple go-to, which we discovered a few weeks ago for the Russian GP. 

Finally rolled in granulated sugar, which gives it some much-needed texture and decorated with Terry's chocolate orange mini-segments glued on with more of the sauce.

Unfortunately, in our haste and excitement to roll, we rolled in the short direction, which made it long a thin rather than short and fat. I don't think this tastes much worse, but it fails to fit on the plate. We had to eat it from the middle, because we couldn't then slice it near the ends.

To those of you who might want to try some, we are very sorry but the tiny piece left over is earmarked for me, when no one's looking. Have a go yourselves...

Serious teacher look

Irritable 'stop taking photos' look


Baked and almost risen...

Rolled around the wooden spoon handles...

Very elegantly mixed...



(accidentally, there's more sauce left in the pan)

...and enjoy

Offical recipe of the now world-famous Tally's torta de laranja e chocolate:

Ingredients for the cake:
100g caster sugar
4 eggs
50g margarine
zest and juice of 1 orange
nearly 100g flour (when the bag runs out)
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbs spoons of granulated sugar
1 pack of Terry's Chocolate Orange Mini-Segments, eat these while you bake, but save a few to decorate the finished cake

Method for the cake:
  1. Preheat the over to gas mark 4, 180C. Grease and line a baking tray 36x24cm. (Sian actually has a swiss roll tin, but that's not large enough.)
  2. Beat the egg yolks and sugar to light and fluffy
  3. Add zest and margarine, beat some more
  4. Add juice, beat some more
  5. Add flour and baking powder, beat some more
  6. Beat some more until Tally is bored of that and leaves
  7. Beat egg whites and fold in heavily as always.
  8. Bake for 15-20 mins
  9. As soon as you take it out, flip onto a tea towel covered in greaseproof paper and keep the greaseproof paper that it was baked on stuck to the now top-side. Roll it all up around the handles of two wooden spoons in the wrong direction from what any good baker would do. You should now have a long sausage of wooden spoons, tea towel, paper and squashed cake.
For the chocolatey goodness:
I can't be bothered to type this again, so look at our previous weeks.

  1. Unroll the cake and remove the paper and wooden spoons (the recipe we followed didn't instruct us to remove the wooden spoons, but we decided it better to - at your discretion)
  2. Spead with most of the chocolatey goodness to the edges
  3. Roll it back up, removing the paper and towel, but not too tight because that squeezes out the sauce and you'll have to lick it off the kitchen work surface.
  4. Sprinkle the baking tray with granulated sugar and gently roll the cake in it.
  5. Place onto a plate overhanging the ends for an elaborate look
  6. Top with Terry's chocolate orange mini-segments sticking on with blobs of the sauce.
  7. Eat the remaining sauce from a spoon that is wider than your mouth.


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