Bahrain 2020

 Before we get into this, I'm sure you are all wondering how you managed to miss the Turkey baking two weeks ago. Well... I left it to Heidi to choose a recipe, while she was full of enthusiasm. She selected a moderately appetising cake, but which required semolina flour. No store in Cwmbran was able to flourish us with such elaborate constituents. So we lost the momentum and gave up. I trust you'll live without finding out what a disaster we could have made to represent Turkey.

And on to Bahrain...

This week, there was so much homework going on, I was left to the baking by myself. Bahrain seems to be a bit devoid of cakey inspiration. Many websites exist for cake in Bahrain - all of which offer to home deliver a western-style birthday cake. I managed to find one traditional recipe and a suggestion of variation on it.

So this is rangeena with a twist.

A goo of spelt flour is made by baking it dry and then mixing in oils. A hint of cinnamon is wasted on trying to give this sandpaper flavour. The grainy play-dough mixture is spread over dates and decorated with nuts. I chose pecans as a personal favourite (normally in a maple Danish pastry).

The twist is a replacement of flavourless canola oil with a combination of coconut oil and tahini (sesame seed paste). I had to keep the coconut oil on a radiator and turn up the thermostat to melt it.

I kept an open mind and on this occasion so too did Siân. Heidi took the more appropriate response, and when I placed a tiny amount on her tongue, she ran around squealing. 

Not one to repeat in a hurry.

Our thoughts are with the residents of Bahrain who are subject to such cruel cake traditions.

A base of good dates

Ruined with semi-liquid sandpaper goop


You don't want this recipe.


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